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We offer low shipping of $4.90 anywhere in the United States.

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We choose the best method available, based on your location. We typically use USPS or FedEx.

My bottle was damaged! What do I do?

Ugh! We're sorry to hear that. Contact us with 14 days and send us a picture. We will either send out a replacement, or refund your order.

Can you ship non-alcoholic drinks like Sacré?

Yes! Because Sacré contains zero alcohol, it is legal to ship anywhere.

Can you ship overseas or internationally?

Yes! We currently ship anywhere in the UK.

How does free shipping or discounted shipping work?

Woodnose is using USPS Flat Rate, and FedEx to provide free or discounted shipping.

Can you ship UPS or FedEx?

Yes. We choose the best method based on your purchase quantity and location.

Maple Syrup

How is Maple Syrup Made?

Maple syrup is the sap or liquid gathered from a maple tree during the early spring thaw. As the trees start to warm up, they wake and start to absorb water from the ground to start their yearly growth cycle. While this maple water or sap flows from the tree into a spout, it brings along a small amount of sugar with it from the tree, about 1%-2%.

This sap traveled sometimes miles down an intricate tubing set up (some syrup is still done the traditional way with buckets on a tree) and enters the sugarhouse. At the sugarhouse, the sap is boiled down until it creates a sweet sticky substance called syrup. It takes 40-50 gallon of sap to make 1 gallon a maple syrup. Imagine a whole wine barrel condensed to 1 gallon.

Maple production is labor-intensive, and a very hard lifestyle, as the sugar makers are out in temperature below zero on a daily bases, throughout the winter.

Does maple have nutritional benefits?

Unlike bleached sugar, maple sugar is full of antioxidants, falling between raw carrots, and raw cabbage. Maple syrup also contains a higher value in the % of recommended daily value in manganese, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and potassium than brown sugar, and even honey. See the comparison data at

What does organic mean in terms of maple syrup?

There are many steps a sugarbush owner must take to be organic. We will list a few of them most notably here. Got to NOFA to learn more.

  1. No synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides shall have been used in the 3 years preceding application for organic certification.
  2. A written forest management plan is required and written by a forester or applicant and must meet all components of the UVA, including forest diversity reports, and a checklist on how to maintain that diversity.
  3. Management of trails or roads to a minimum effect on natural growth.
  4. Ecologically sensitive areas, if present, must be identified in the plan and shall be protected. Habitat for wildlife species, including amphibians, birds, aquatic life and mammals, must be addressed in the plan. The plan may address the preservation or improvement of habitat for rare or endangered species.
  5. The number of roads must be kept to a minimum and located to minimize damage to roots from soil compaction.
  6. Tap distribution to maintain the health of the maple tree.
  7. No chemicals used in the production of maple syrup.

Vinegar and Fermentation

How is the vinegar made?

Vinegar is essentially fermented liquid. “Over time, when natural-occurring bacteria called acetobacters combine with oxygen in the fermented liquid, it creates acetic-acid, also known as vinegar. Some people believe that vinegar was first discovered by accident when a barrel of wine was stored too long and turned sour. Read more about the history of vinegar.

What effect do the bourbon barrels have on the fermented maple?

We have found through experimenting that these barrels impart little to now flavor on the fermented maple itself, it tends to mellow out those rougher edges, and provide a one-of-a-kind product to work with.

What is a vinegar mother and where did yours come from?

The mother we are using has been kept alive and passed down generations from a mentor of Justin’s mothers who taught here this quite secretive technique, and then was perfected even more over the past years.


What is Free Trade Coffee?

FairTrade coffee guarantees farmers a minimum price acting as a safety net. This gives the farmers more security in growing, knowing that they will receive a price that takes care of their average costs of sustainable production. it also has rigorous standards that must be met by farmers, as well as investments in projects that will benefit their community. Find more information about Fairtrade Coffee.

Non-alcoholic Drinks

What would you compare Sacré to?

Our most common response to the first sips, “This wasn’t what I expected, so good”. If we would have to compare, we would put Sacré somewhere between an Amaro, and Kalua, but with many more layers of complexity. To some Sacre taste like a mysterious, earthy, espresso martini.

How do you pronounce Sacré?

We've heard it pronounced many ways, but our favorite way is "saw-kruh".

Is it safe to drive after drinking non alcoholic drinks like Sacré?

As long as you are following the rules of your government, and the road then, Yes! Make yourself a Sacré mocktail for the drive home from work, or a night out at the park or beach.

Can people under 18 drink non-alcoholic drinks like Sacré?

Absolutely! You can enjoy a cocktail with everyone in your family. Remember Sacré does contain coffee, so it is up to each parent as to what age they allow caffeine.

Are non-alcoholic drinks like Sacré OK for a pregnant woman?

There is no alcohol in Sacré, so yes Sacré is safe for everyone. We recommend consulting your doctor with any questions about your personal reactions caffeine, or vinegar consumption.

What is "zero proof"?"

Use these articles to answer questions that customers have about your products and services. You can use text, links and images and also group articles into categories.

What are non alcoholic drinks?

Non-alcoholic drinks are beverages that are made without alcohol, or the alcohol has been removed. Sacré is made without alcohol.

What is a mocktail?

A mocktail is a cocktail made without alcohol. You will sometime see "non-alcoholic cocktail", "mocktail", "non-alcoholic drinks" and "zero proof drinks" used interchangeably.

What are some non-alcoholic summer drinks?

Nothing speaks summer like smores on a campfire, Check out this luscious beverage with chocolate sauce, and toasted marshmallow called “S’nomore”.

For something a little lighter, cool down with the “Wilde” made with Sacré, a splash of pear, seltzer and fresh-picked muddled black raspberries.

What are your favorite non-alcoholic holiday drinks?

For fall we love “The Sober Goat”. For the colder winter holidays, we embellish with a “spiked” Mexican Coffee.

I like low sugar non-alcoholic drinks. Is Sacré low sugar?

Sacré is only made with organic maple sugar, which has more health benefits than any other sugar. There is approximately 104 g/l of maple sugar, witch it 160% less than a comparable amaro at 266 g/l.

What are some non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar?

A Sacré Martini is a favorite, keeps you adult-ing while staying sober. If your local restaurant or bar does not have Sacre, make sure you ask them to reach out!

Is Sacré carbonated, or can you add soda or tonic to it?

Sacré is a still beverage. Just add some seltzer and an orange peel and you got yourself a deliciously complex mocktail.

Can you recommend some good non-alcoholic books?


1. "Good Drinks" by Julia Bainbridge

2. "The Aviary Cocktail Book" from The Aviary.

3. "Zero-Proof Cocktails" by Liz Scott


Can you ship non-alcoholic drinks like Sacré?

Yes! Because Sacré contains zero alcohol, it is legal to ship anywhere.

Can you ship overseas or internationally?

Yes, we can! Shipping rates can be a little pricey, but almost anything is possible.

How does free shipping or discounted shipping work?

Woodnose is using USPS and FedEx to provide free or discounted shipping.

Can you ship UPS or FedEx?

Yes. We choose the best method available based on purchase quantity and location.

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