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Woodnose’s newest non-alcoholic beverage, Sacré, featured In Rachael Ray’s In Season Magazine

Woodnose’s newest non-alcoholic beverage, Sacré, featured In Rachael Ray’s In Season Magazine

{Bakersville, VT} – Woodnose’s newest non-alcoholic beverage, Sacré, is featured in Rachael Ray’s In Season Magazine, Holiday 2020 issue. Sacré was one of only four showcased in the feature, “Spiritless Is More: Four New Alcohol-Free Spirits That Are Shaking Up The Mocktail World.”

The piece describes Sacré as, “Made by a husband-and-husband duo on a maple syrup farm in Vermont, this tangy, earthy spirit contains fair-trade coffee and fermented syrup aged in bourbon barrels.”

Co-founder Roger Branon Rodriguez says Sacré is, “a mysteriously flavored non-alcoholic aperitif unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Sacré takes you on a flavor journey.”

“Sacré was born out of our desire to elevate maple from its humble origins,” Branon Rodriguez says, “My husband, Justin’s, family is a sixth-generation Vermont maple producer. We were interested in blending this fermented maple in a way to take it in a different direction other than sweet.”

The fermentation process uses an heirloom mother of vinegar, and the process is completed in bourbon barrels. Then the aged, fermented maple is blended with artisanal coffee and fresh maple syrup.

“Fermented maple syrup alone doesn’t have the right mouthfeel or lasting flavor desired from a complex beverage, so coffee seemed like the perfect, albeit unusual pairing.” Branon Rodriguez adds that the coffee is sourced from a family-owned business, “Coffee Coffee,” which has repeatedly been voted Harford County, Maryland’s Best. “Coffee Coffee was an indispensable source of information regarding brewing techniques, coffee beans, and flavor,” he says.

Sacré is one of the few non-alcoholic beverages made in the USA. The family is passionate about sustainably, ethically farming their 4,000+ acre maple orchard. “Organic maple farming means much more than choosing not to use pesticides and fertilizers,” Branon Rodriguez says. The tubing used to carry sap to the sugarhouse does not damage the trees in any way. Nailing any hardware into the tree trunk is not done. In addition, the conventional practice of using toxic paint to mark trees is not done. Toxic chemicals are forbidden in the boiling process, and the sugarhouse is free of toxic cleaners.

American writer and bartender Derek Brown, known as a leader in the mocktail movement, discovered Sacré one night when he was patronizing in The Getaway Bar, a nonalcoholic bar in Brooklyn, NY. He recommended Sacré to Julia Bainbridge, the In Season writer, who was also previously with Bon Appetit.

Sacré has also been featured in SevenFiftyDaily’s “Meet the New Generation of Nonalcoholic Spirits” (August 2020); and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s, “3 New Nonalcoholic Spirits For Your Home Bar.” (July 2020).

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