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Tapping Into The World of Maple Vinegar

Article: The Vinegar Professor and the World of Maple Vinegar

In an article from The Vinegar Professor exploring the world of maple vinegar, Justin Branon, alongside his family's legacy at Branon Family Maple Orchards in Fairfield, Vermont, innovates with maple vinegar to create Woodnose Sacré. Utilizing his mother Cecile Branon's expertise in maple vinegar production, Justin combines bourbon barrel-aged maple vinegar with coffee, maple syrup, and a blend of spices and botanicals to craft Sacré. This non-alcoholic beverage, recognized for its complexity and depth, has garnered acclaim, including recognition by the New York Times as one of the top non-alcoholic drinks. The Branon family's commitment to sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship underscores Sacré's unique place in the burgeoning non-alcoholic spirits market.

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